fine art albums

      [I]n this digital day and age it’s far too easy to leave our important imagery on a CD or USB stick and keep them safe in a draw somewhere in the house. But you seldom get to enjoy them that way. It’s far better to have them printed in a quality album so that you can keep it at hand and show family and friends during a dinner party or other occasions when you feel like reliving those memories.


      Your Wedding Album

      Your wedding album is a piece of your story, a cherished heirloom generations of friends and family members will enjoy. It’s a display piece that you can leaf through on an anniversary or special occasion, or just on a rainy day. It’s a central go-to to remember your biggest day, and the people, places and all those perfect details that made it great—and a custom album designed with your specific needs, budget and wedding day in mind is the ultimate way to keep the excitement and the special moments alive forever. Having your images presented in a quality album that lasts a lifetime is a special thing. I urge all my clients to consider this option seriously.

      10×10″ fine art albums come in a choice of leather or cotton cover (choice of colours and text on cover). Personally designed by myself to tell the story of your special day.  ~£500  (6×6″ Mini duplicate albums are also available with any order of a 10×10″ album)

      Portrait Books

      Photographs taken at your newborn baby session or family portrait shoots can be just as important. A portrait book is a more affordable option at 8×8″ and 20 pages.  ~£150

      There are even more affordable options for portrait books that we can explore if you wish. Please ask me about these options during your session.

      Wedding Gift Registry

      Why not have your wedding album as an option on your wedding gift registry? This will give your guests the opportunity to give you a gift that will truly last a lifetime. You don’t need to limit yourself to the album, you can also add custom framed prints, canvases or anything else that takes your fancy from our professional printing lab.