Wedding Photography

Documentary photography is a style that results in photos that have been created with no photographer intervention. It often overlaps with photojournalism. Documentary wedding photography, Photojournalistic wedding photography and Reportage Wedding Photography have all been buzzwords in the industry for a good few years now.

As brides and grooms were getting fed up of their “old style” wedding photographers taking over their wedding day and turning it into more of a long photo shoot, they started to take a liking for this non-obtrusive style of photography.

Traditionally, these documentary style images were the powerful photos you would see from travel photographers documenting culture and creating images on political and social topics. Nowadays many wedding photographers have started to adopted this style.  

I have been using this style in my wedding and family portrait sessions for many years, and it has proven very popular with clients. More often than not, I’m told by my clients that they didn’t even notice me at their wedding for the most part. I take this as a great compliment.

This is a small selection of my work as a Nottingham wedding photographer, as well as weddings in the East Midlands, throughout the UK and some destination weddings I have covered too.

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